Mission & target

BUSINESS CENTER 1 sp. z o.o.

The company has been on the market since 2002.

In 2006, it was transformed into a limited liability company.

Business profile - training and consulting services.

Head office - Katowice, Uniwersytecka Street 13.

Branches - Gdynia, Szczecin.

Area of operation - European Union.

The company's brand is recognized in the nationwide educational market and is associated with high quality and prestige, which is confirmed both by customer feedback and by the PN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system implemented in 2006 (certified for training and consulting services), systematically inspected by TUV Rheinlad InterCert Kth.

Business Center 1 is the winner of many competitions, including "Reliable Company 2008", "Reliable Company 2009", "Quality Forum International 2007", (organized by the Business Forum, Ministry of Regional Development, PARP) and has the right to use the elite mark "QUALITY INTERNATIONAL 2007".

In 2009, the company was accepted into the prestigious BUSINESS CENTRE CLUB.

The company is the winner of three editions of the European Medal.

In 2014, it was awarded the title of Caesar of Silesian Business.

Winner of the 2020 Jurassic Manufacturer of the Year Competition in the field of training services.

Business Center 1 is nominated three times for the European Business Award (EBA) in London as a Leader in Training Services.

The company nominated for the Education and Training Award 2021 (Al Global, UK).

Member of industry organizations including the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, the Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tychy, the Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Czestochowa.


The mission of Business Center 1 Sp. z o. o., is to continually improve and enhance the competencies and skills of entrepreneurs from all over the country. The offer is also addressed to the unemployed or socially excluded.

This mission is carried out through a system of extensive training courses, most of which are co-financed by EU funds (PHARE, POKL, ESF).

The strategic goal of the company's activities is to provide services that support the development of entrepreneurship, substantive assistance in the establishment of new businesses and the improvement of skills in the use of appropriate personality traits for the development and support of business.

Business Profile.

The company specializes in providing training in ICT, quality management systems, environmental protection, trade and management, public procurement law, social influence techniques, negotiation, project management and many other topics. We also provide language training at various levels.

We also take on challenges that are unprecedented in the market, such as the project to implement an e-assessment system for high school graduation papers (the @Scoris Program), under which we digitized more than 1 million pages of students' high school graduation papers and provided a test online assessment service for all digitized papers. The order was completed within 14 days (commissioning entity: Central Examination Commission).

Authorizations, certificates, accreditations, affiliations.

Non-public Continuing Education Institution,

Entry to the Register of Training Institutions,

Entry to the Register of Entities Running Employment Agencies,

VCC Academy of Education,

VCC Examination Partner,

ECDL Lab No. PL-LAB 1817, Examination of ECDL Base, ECDL Standard, ECDL Advanced, e-Citizen, EPP e-Official, EPP e-Teacher products.

Business Center 1 is a Vocational Competence Certificate (VCC) educational academy and an authorized VCC exam partner. We have our own team of VCC accredited examiners in more than a dozen subjects.

Business Center 1 has its own ECDL laboratory where examinations of ECDL Base, ECDL Standard, and ECDL Advanced products take place.

We provide services within the framework of the Entity Funding System in Silesia. The company is accredited by PARP and authorized to provide training and consulting services offered in the Development Services Database (BUR).

The institution specializes in the implementation of training and consulting projects co-financed by the European Union.

Professional implementation of our training courses is supported by a staff of highly qualified lecturers and specialists, as well as developed permanent standards of cooperation with several hundred entities operating in the field of education throughout the country. Selected business partners: SYNTEA SA (Lublin), European Advisory Group (Kalisz) , School of Management and Trade (Oświęcim), Oświata sp. z o.o (Katowice), WYG Consulting (Warsaw), MDDP S.A., MDDP Sp. k. (Warsaw), APSLEY Univeristy London.

Our achievements

With the accreditation of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the company was one of the organizers of training courses for managers and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises under the PHARE 2000 and PHARE 2001 project.

Business Center 1 in the period 2006 - 2008 carried out 4 original nationwide training and consulting projects under the Sectoral Operational Program Human Capital Development, subsidized by the European Social Fund. Topics of the projects included modern information technologies, quality management systems, improvement of interpersonal skills and support for people at risk of social exclusion. In recognition of perfect implementation, the projects were recommended in publications of the Ministry of Economy and Labor as examples of good ESF practice. A total of about 2,500 people benefited from training and counseling.

In the financing period 2007-2013, as a result of competition procedures related to the granting of funding under the Human Capital Operational Program, Business Center 1 has obtained grants for the implementation of more than a dozen projects. Among others :

- Action 9.2 " Academy of key competencies" , Katowice Marshal's Office - PLN 2 million ,

- Action 9.6.2 "Computer without secrets" - WUP Krakow, PLN 0.7 million ,

- Activity 9.6.2 "ECDL training," WUP Zielona Góra, PLN 0.7 million,

- Measure 6.1.1 "Driving license C - a valuable thing" - WUP Katowice, PLN 1 million,

- Measure 6.1.1 "Expert on energy efficiency and financing in construction - a chance for a new profession"- WUP Łódź, PLN 1.2 million,

- Measure 8.1.2 "Change of profession". - WUP Katowice, PLN 0.7 million,

and dozens of subcontracted projects, as well as those carried out under won tenders .

In the current funding period since 2014, the company has obtained funding for the implementation of the following projects:

- Action 10.3 "New opportunities - value of PLN 2 million, DWUP Wrocław - Leader,

- Action 8.2 "New work", value of PLN 1 million , DWUP Wrocław - Leader,

- Measure 11.4.1 "Qualifications of the Future," value PLN 1 million - WUP Katowice,

- Measure 7.3.3 "I have an idea - I have a business!", value PLN 2 million - WUP Katowice,

- Measure 7.1.3 "New qualifications" , value PLN 1.5 million - WUP Katowice - Partner,

- Measure 2.2 "Public procurement", PARP, value PLN 3.5 million - Partner,

-Measure 11.3 "Programmer, graphic designer, administrator - qualifications of the future", value PLN 0.5 million, WUP Katowice, Partner,

- Measure 11.4.1 "Tics and languages - your chance for development," value PLN 0.5 million, Leader - WUP Katowice,

- Measure 1.02.01 "Young people closer to the labor market", value PLN 0.9 million, WUP Katowice - Leader,

- Measure 11.4.3 - "No b@rier, no borders". - language and computer training for working people from the Silesian Voivodeship - value PLN 11.7 million, Partner (Project Leader - Regional Chamber of Industry - Commerce in Gliwice),

- Measure 11.4.3 - "Silesian Academy of Computer and Language Competencies". - Language and computer training for working people from the Silesian province - value PLN 5.2 million, Partner (Project Leader - Regional Chamber of Industry - Commerce in Tychy),

- Measure 11.4.3 - "Investment in yourself - free language and computer training" - value PLN 4.2 million - WUP Katowice - Leader,

- Measure 11.4.1 - "Academy of competencies - language and computer training" - value PLN 1 million - WUP Katowice - Leader,

- Measure 11.3 - "Bet on qualifications!" - value PLN 1 million - WUP Katowice - Leader,

- Measure 7.4.2 - "Be Active! Grants and qualifications as an opportunity on the labor market" - Value PLN 1.8 million - WUP Katowice - Partner (Leader - District Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tychy),

- Measure 7.4.2 - "Youth to START! 2021" - Value PLN 2.5 million - WUP Katowice - Leader (Partner - District Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tychy),

- Measure 9.1.5 - "Metamorphoses - Central Subregion. Project for people with disabilities" - Individual career counseling services with job coaching -Subcontractor (for Pro-Inwest S.C. in Katowice),

- Measure 9.1.5 - "Direction of Work 4.0 Central Subregion" - individual career counseling services with jobcoaching - Subcontractor (for Pro-Inwest S.C. in Katowice).

As well as several hundred other subcontracted projects and those acquired as a result of won tenders.

By the end of 2023, more than 60,000 clients had benefited from the training courses offered by the company.

- Anna Kępka -

President of the management board of a consulting company and international business advisor. I specialize in cooperation between the European Union market and Arab markets.

CEO of a consulting firm and International Business Advisor.

Specializes in cooperation between the European Union and Arab markets.

Graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Warsaw University of Technology, European Business School and Higher School of Journalism and Political Science in Warsaw.

MBA University of Tokyo - Japan.

President of the Management Board of Business Center 1 sp. z o.o. since 2002.

Transnational cooperation - Denmark, Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary, UAE and others.

Management of dozens of projects co-financed from EU funds (PHARE, ESF, RPO, SOP HRD).

Total value of EU projects in Poland - 60 million PLN.

Topics of projects: development and investment in human capital, advanced information technology, grants for starting a business, vocational training, IT training, language training, sales training, medical staff, HR staff, support for the socially excluded, unemployed, vocational counseling and job placement.

Expert on EU funds in the Office of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship since 2023.

Expert in the Monitoring Subcommittee of the Office of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship from 2009-2014. Setting directions for the use of EU funds.

Completed dozens of courses and trainings in personal skills development, process management, change management, business analytics, law, accounting, economics, copyright law and many others.

Membership in non-governmental and social organizations.

Polish Chamber of Training Companies - vice president of the management board

Business Centre Club, Warsaw

Regional Chamber of Commerce, Katowice

Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Częstochowa

Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Tychy

Author of many publications and industry articles (EU projects, social security law, copyright law, innovative technologies)

As an Equal Opportunities Ambassador on the staff of World Champion Justyna Franieczek, she supports Polish sports.

Apsley University in London. Director.

Anna Kepka is a member of a group of international business consultants. Among other things, she works in the field of internationalization between Polish and Arab markets, mainly Egypt, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia.


Business Center 1 sp. z o. o.

40-203 Katowice 


Al. Roździeńskiego 188/115

NIP 9542556891

E-mail: bc1@bc1.pl